Tuesday, December 25, 2012


i'm obsessed with Grandis and will forever be obsessed with Grandis; my wxpvp line has Grandis and even my loading screen art entry has Grandis.

Merry Christmas everyone~

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Forbidden Terrain

Happened to bump onto this screenie in one of my folders

and this happened quite sometime ago but 

HAS ANYONE BEEN HERE?!  The VIP spectator platform.

Too bad my Lloyds did not get the VIP seats.  They end up getting maimed by the enemy.  I couldn't do anything but to watch them die... RIP.  No worries, I'll resummon them again.

Here is the location.

Some exploration.

3 minutes has passed and he still hasn't noticed me up here.  Still down there spamming detection *giggles*

He finally spotted me!  He stared at me as if I were an exotic animal in a cage.

I forgot to tell you, I bite.  Thanks fer giving me 348 points ^^v

10 seconds to Victory.

Anyway IAH has been updating PPL WEEKLY but no HCOF update at all for the month of December? -_- fish... HCOF is the only place I put my money in (GP or Vis) and I don't even play PPL (apart from the time when Soul bringer was released).
It's the end of the year and Christmas is coming it should really be updated generously with exciting stuff.

And not to complain but if PPL were updated it should be updated with a wider array of weapon costumes other than the ones that have already been released numerous times.  We have plenty of stock of Evil swords, Evil greatswords and Evil Crossbow costumes already in the market.

Monday, December 3, 2012


I rechipped this.  What was I thinking.

on the bright side, I found a flowerpot shovel for my dear Anarchea¨ after rummaging through my mules(capybara's shovel).  Got lucky and managed to +6 it.  Shall use it for singles WXPVP tonight.

The next toy I'm aiming for is the Glacial Rosette, Novia's main-gauche.  The ingredients to craft are drops from mobs in the Katovic areas i.e. ice crystal, snow quartz.  One of the hardest obtainable drop would be the Black Sap.  Eltelah hardly drops them and they are priced at 1m per item on the mm.  At this rate, I'll take ages to complete this since I only managed to farm 12 saps in a few hours.

Anyway, look.  New stance.  Single main-gauche.

Is something amiss?

So well this happened a few days back; I'm almost done in pampering Anarchea¨, my Grandis.  She has finally gotten her Strata Devil weapon set! (Sword and Main-Gauche)  Dear Carudas helped me to +7, thank you so much <3

Note: I did not use this set for the WXPVP tournament.  I only got this set recently.


Some screenies of Anarchea¨ using
The Flowerpot Shovel

Friday, November 23, 2012

My Granado Espada doodles/drawings

it has been a long time since I drew ... stuff 
that last thing I've drawn was my Catherine Torsche sketch and one manga-like gerl
I felt like drawing today so ... 

my drawing of Grandis' *i refuse to spell her name as Grandies* face with a writing pen. yeah I was half way through my revision (y'know I just can't concentrate)
just lucky that I didn't make many major mistakes.
anws paper too small can't draw the whole thing .

this one's a quick sketch, done in a few minutes, a rough doodle of Grandis with Modern Fatima hairstyle and her default costume~~ as for my shadow.. i thought it went quite well with the picture so I took it together with it xD

 I found this from my antique scrap book.  I drew this long before I started playing GE on my past year worksheet ahaha (don't mind the word "Ecology" in the middle of the paper ._.v)... I was so hooked onto the female elementalist!  This was done around 2007; date states June 2007.  I knew of the game but I couldn't play it as my comp specs were below the requirements then.  

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stark resemblance of Olivia and Kess' facial features to Grandis'

As I looked at the pictures of Bristia's head officer, Olivia, I couldn't help but notice that she bears a striking resemblance to Grandis.  Her facial features are remarkably similar to Grandis' which leaves me to think that the designers just tweaked and adjusted the parameters of Grandis' face to create Olivia.

So I created this 4 block picture chain to show the similarities of their features which I now use it as my forum signature.  I cut and paste the faces of Olivia and Kess from screenshots available in the GE forums and posed my Anarchea¨(Grandis) to try to imitate their facial expressions and head position.

(Screen shots of Grandis' face are taken by me)  From the left: Olivia, Grandis with the Modern Fatima hairstyle, Grandis with her default hairstyle, Kess.  The facial features of Olivia look very much like Grandis'; her eyes are of the same shape and width but with a darker eye shadow applied and more eyeliner on the bottom lid.  Her nose is also the same as Grandis' but shorter in length.  Their mouths share the same contours and widths but Olivia's mouth corners are a little lower and she has a different colored lipstick on.  Both of them also have similar tapering chins.

The facial features of Kess, the other military officer of Bristia (not entirely sure of his role yet) are also quite similar to Grandis' such as the eyes, nose, mouth and this time, eyebrows.  Again, it seems as if it's actually just the adjustment of the parameters such as the removal of the long eyelashes, shrinkage of the iris, recoloring of the eyebrows and lips, flattening of the cheeks, the re-positioning of the mouth, narrowing of the jaws and the change in skin tone that differentiates him from Grandis' face model.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No title.

Nope.  Not at all.  Your Father's blue, and your Mom was red.  Where did you get your blonde hair from, Claire?

aaand while I was browsing through the World Cross PVP rankings, a random thought bloomed - The girls seem to like World Cross PVP (WXPVP) singles/team more than the guys??

There is only a small population of female players in SGE... yeap, very few female players here.  But, within that small female population, I noticed that the majority of female players avidly participate in random WXPVP team and singles daily for the fun of it and the EXP and blog about their experiences in the games.

But then again, the sample size of females is small so I can't actually make that conclusion xD
I doubt the numbers of active females in both servers even add up to 30.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tora; Theodore“

My beloved Anarchea¨ looks so fierce heheheh; and just so you know this is my favourite personal raid team lineup - Grandis, Lionel, Buffer(Valeria or Emilia).  Decent DPS and easy to use.  No need for the change of rings/stances/whatsoever. I've had enough of Elementalists. Like. Really. Enough.

After a 1 month wait, IAH has finally released the Modern Fatima hairstyle for Grandis :)  I'm pleased.  Here's a snapshot of Anarchea¨(Grandis) with CharlesĖ†(Lionel) searching for the King of Greed(KOG) for Tora's quest.  It surprised me to find all 6 KOGs (3 from marshland, 3 from peril) dead; given that the sGE community is dwindling.  As such, that's a relief to know that sGE, or rather, Bach, isn't as dead as it seems to be!  No need for merging.  Thanksssssssss.

So I went on to do Tora's quest and finished it yesterday :) Yes I know I'm slow ,_, Here's my little Tora.

IT took me around 30 minutes to think of his name and I eventually named him Theodore“... Sounds... cute?  

I used him for World Cross PVP right on the day I got him and it turned out to be really good!  Despite being my first time to use and play him, I won all my matches.  Beginner VS Experts ,_,  I only had two proper matches though - one against Rank 2 (Asoka, Catherine DEX, Valeria) and the other against Rank 11 (Grandis SG, Beatrice,Valeria).  I was surprised I managed to pull through.  Guess I'm starting to really like using him.

However, THE BAD NEWS IS ... Tora will be nerfed in the later patches - his "Throw weapons" skill will no longer have the knock-back effect.

 Theodore“ weeps

 Theodore“ can't take it anymore

Theodore“ breaks down

Why....  It's not like "Throw weapons" or the Tora character itself is thaaaaat OP/imba.

so ok.  kGE pvpers couldn't handle, the koreans must have been complaining.  If that's the case, the simplest solution would be to reduce the damage boost of "Shadow Walk" since Tora's damage output without Shadow Walk is pretty fair; ranging between the slightly low to average damage output range.  There really isn't a need of removing "Throw weapons'" knock-back effect.  It just ridiculously spoils Tora all over.

That said, we've been informed through the forums that IAH is more or less in the process of preparing the vb1.0 Bristia patch.  I'll just cross my fingers and hope the patch they are updating us to doesn't consist of this change so I can get to relish on my Tora a little longer );  If things can go any better, I hope IMC puts back the KB effect, just like what they did for DEX Catherine's "Reverse Rolling Shot".

Sunday, October 28, 2012

We love Cookie™ :D

There wasn't much action for CW in Bach so we Athenians decided to take it out on Cookie™ in the PVP room :D  Well he's always the punching bag of the faction.  Everybody just loves to disturb him.  It's a joke but we got serious later anyway and split ourselves up equally for a fair match.  Unfortunately, the Altair of Duskfall PVP room (normal PVP mode) was bugged.  There was no beacon for us to hit to get out of the starting platforms.  Eventually all of us just relogged and the mass PVP was canceled.  However, we then later thought of having a Royal Rumble at IOF :D  So some of us went there and we had some fun killing and sparring each other aimlessly for a whole 40mins (we can't squad up to form PVP teams as everyone appears red in IOF).

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I made it!

And so, this is the end of Season 1 WxPVP tournaments in sGE.  I am quite glad with the results; E4's in particular since I managed to clinch 1st Place with 0 defeat.  I enjoyed E4 the most as well as I played this tourny with my most favourited characters - Grandis and Catherine!

sGE World Cross PVP: Season 1 Episode 4 - Shattered Pride 

SO... Congratulations to Enigmatic and Windseal who managed to get the 3rd and 2nd place!  Enigmatic had finally made it into the top 3 - something that he had been aiming for since the start of the PVP tournament series.  Well done :)

And the results for the previous tourny(E3) are below.

sGE World Cross PVP: Season 1 Episode 3 - Darkness

It's quite cool that the theme for Episode 3 coincided with the lineup I used.  Darkness... Yeah darkness.


And just before episode 4, on the 27 of September, my dream came true.  This is, by far, the best birthday gift from GE (my birthday is on the 28 though, but still near), ever :D  Nothing could contain my happiness that day. Anarchea¨(previously named as Sphairae¨) finally gets her Soulbringer stance!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blue Creature

I went back to Samael, to my bunneh Elin, Sphairae <3  Doing the quests all over again in Essenia from 1 to 60 is just ... I can't.

and I have not been posting bout' GE ferr a veryyy veryy long time.

Soul Bringer is out in PPL.  I spent... 70k + 84k, well,  not fated.  The better loots I got were just +7 expert and master imperviums and an Evil Sword Costume with a pretty nice glow.  Pretty standard anyway.  I was never lucky.

as ferr World Cross PVP.. season 3 commenced on the 6th of Sep.. I just took part in it for fun, messing around and clinging on to my luck.. Shall just see what I'll get at the end of it.  Hopefully just not 3rd place again.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nephthyss and Glasswen

The Samael server is dead, so we shifted to Essenia, the main PVP server.  Decided to create High Elves for a fresh start.  This time, I play the magic class (priest) while he plays the melee class (warrior).

my qtpie:

Saturday, September 1, 2012

TERA character creation - my imba transformation

The earlier post stated that I love to play with the character customization in TERA.  As you can see, they will give you a set of pre-made faces for you to choose.  But TERA has this unique function whereby you can adjust and scale the features.. so, BEHOLD MY IMBA TRANSFORMATION!

*Click on the pictures to have a better view*

This ugly lass

Turned into this breath taking beauty

I named her Catheroa because her hairstyle resembles Catherine's Belle De Jour wig :P  but she looks like Amanda Seyfried from In Time.  I had no intention of making her look like Amanda, it was a coincidence.




I just used my GE ign for this red-haired priest but this is not my main anyway.

Friday, August 31, 2012

TERA vs Granado Espada

I must say, the sole reason for me playing TERA would be the magnificent graphics.  However, I confess that I am not as hooked on to it as I am to Granado Espada but it is a great game anyway.

Okay, PVP in TERA.  In my opinion, it is very unbalanced.  PVP in TERA is character skill dependent.  I am not talking about the player micro skill but the skills/types of attacks that each class has.  Some classes just have too much advantage against the rest e.g. Sorcerer and Priest.  I can just say that a Priest will never die in a duel no matter how bad the player is.  In addition, since it doesn't take a day to create a new character, you are kind of stuck on the main character and it's just bad if it has many disadvantages in PVP.  Well, I still prefer the PVP system in Granado Espada by a lottttttt (even though I'm very bad, and it's true).  I don't know the true explanation but, it just appears to be much more fun controlling three characters at once and being able to use many different characters easily.  PVP is the only thing that holds me onto GE, since the rest of the time I do in GE is just afk.  Raids in GE are absolutely boring and as for TERA, I will continue it in the next section~

On the other hand, raiding in TERA is much more fun and engaging!  In TERA you get to meet BAMS (Big Ass Monsters) and lotss of team work is required to defeat a BAM/boss.  In every instance, only a maximum of 5 people are allowed.  (But recently, there is a new patch where many squads can get together to do an instance raid.  I am very sure the raid with that requirement should be really tough since there is already quite a bit of work to do in the usual instances with max. 5 people) Potions in TERA have cooldowns, so it is impossible to spam.  This is where the fun comes in, that you must plan every skill carefully in order to survive and like I said, team work is crucial and everyone has a part to play to ensure everyone survives and gets on with the raid i.e. Tank has to ensure the boss is with him at all times and the healer has to ensure that everyone's HP is full.  It is not a click and skill spamming game since all of the skills have also have a considerable amount of cool downs and you pretty much have to keep moving around to position your character and make sure it's safe.  That's for raids but.. the downside is that it is actually pretty boring to play alone.  Thank god I have Carudas to play with me, else I would have quit the game early.  Thanks to him playing by my side I have reached level 60, which is currently the maximum level in TERA.  Leveling in TERA is very easy but time consuming - levels are easily obtained by questing instead of the usual grinding.  Hence, the quests/ story is made in a way that you cannot complete it within a day, or get your character to level 60 in just a few hours.  Very much unlike GE!

One of the other few things that got me into TERA was actually the character creation/customization system.  I love to mix and match the features and create many characters.  There is also a function where details such as eye size, eye brows, nose width and shape can be adjusted and so all of the characters will look very unique!! (Unless the character is created by choosing preset) 

Some examples of the faces of characters which have have made (not made made, but I altered the sizes and proportion of features etc)

My High Elf, Nephthyss~

My Human, Thisbe, but I had deleted her ><!

And my Elin Lancer, Sphairae

TERA's "Tower of Chaos" wayyyyyy prettier.