Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No title.

Nope.  Not at all.  Your Father's blue, and your Mom was red.  Where did you get your blonde hair from, Claire?

aaand while I was browsing through the World Cross PVP rankings, a random thought bloomed - The girls seem to like World Cross PVP (WXPVP) singles/team more than the guys??

There is only a small population of female players in SGE... yeap, very few female players here.  But, within that small female population, I noticed that the majority of female players avidly participate in random WXPVP team and singles daily for the fun of it and the EXP and blog about their experiences in the games.

But then again, the sample size of females is small so I can't actually make that conclusion xD
I doubt the numbers of active females in both servers even add up to 30.