Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blue Creature

I went back to Samael, to my bunneh Elin, Sphairae <3  Doing the quests all over again in Essenia from 1 to 60 is just ... I can't.

and I have not been posting bout' GE ferr a veryyy veryy long time.

Soul Bringer is out in PPL.  I spent... 70k + 84k, well,  not fated.  The better loots I got were just +7 expert and master imperviums and an Evil Sword Costume with a pretty nice glow.  Pretty standard anyway.  I was never lucky.

as ferr World Cross PVP.. season 3 commenced on the 6th of Sep.. I just took part in it for fun, messing around and clinging on to my luck.. Shall just see what I'll get at the end of it.  Hopefully just not 3rd place again.