Sunday, October 28, 2012

We love Cookie™ :D

There wasn't much action for CW in Bach so we Athenians decided to take it out on Cookie™ in the PVP room :D  Well he's always the punching bag of the faction.  Everybody just loves to disturb him.  It's a joke but we got serious later anyway and split ourselves up equally for a fair match.  Unfortunately, the Altair of Duskfall PVP room (normal PVP mode) was bugged.  There was no beacon for us to hit to get out of the starting platforms.  Eventually all of us just relogged and the mass PVP was canceled.  However, we then later thought of having a Royal Rumble at IOF :D  So some of us went there and we had some fun killing and sparring each other aimlessly for a whole 40mins (we can't squad up to form PVP teams as everyone appears red in IOF).