Friday, November 23, 2012

My Granado Espada doodles/drawings

it has been a long time since I drew ... stuff 
that last thing I've drawn was my Catherine Torsche sketch and one manga-like gerl
I felt like drawing today so ... 

my drawing of Grandis' *i refuse to spell her name as Grandies* face with a writing pen. yeah I was half way through my revision (y'know I just can't concentrate)
just lucky that I didn't make many major mistakes.
anws paper too small can't draw the whole thing .

this one's a quick sketch, done in a few minutes, a rough doodle of Grandis with Modern Fatima hairstyle and her default costume~~ as for my shadow.. i thought it went quite well with the picture so I took it together with it xD

 I found this from my antique scrap book.  I drew this long before I started playing GE on my past year worksheet ahaha (don't mind the word "Ecology" in the middle of the paper ._.v)... I was so hooked onto the female elementalist!  This was done around 2007; date states June 2007.  I knew of the game but I couldn't play it as my comp specs were below the requirements then.