Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stark resemblance of Olivia and Kess' facial features to Grandis'

As I looked at the pictures of Bristia's head officer, Olivia, I couldn't help but notice that she bears a striking resemblance to Grandis.  Her facial features are remarkably similar to Grandis' which leaves me to think that the designers just tweaked and adjusted the parameters of Grandis' face to create Olivia.

So I created this 4 block picture chain to show the similarities of their features which I now use it as my forum signature.  I cut and paste the faces of Olivia and Kess from screenshots available in the GE forums and posed my Anarchea¨(Grandis) to try to imitate their facial expressions and head position.

(Screen shots of Grandis' face are taken by me)  From the left: Olivia, Grandis with the Modern Fatima hairstyle, Grandis with her default hairstyle, Kess.  The facial features of Olivia look very much like Grandis'; her eyes are of the same shape and width but with a darker eye shadow applied and more eyeliner on the bottom lid.  Her nose is also the same as Grandis' but shorter in length.  Their mouths share the same contours and widths but Olivia's mouth corners are a little lower and she has a different colored lipstick on.  Both of them also have similar tapering chins.

The facial features of Kess, the other military officer of Bristia (not entirely sure of his role yet) are also quite similar to Grandis' such as the eyes, nose, mouth and this time, eyebrows.  Again, it seems as if it's actually just the adjustment of the parameters such as the removal of the long eyelashes, shrinkage of the iris, recoloring of the eyebrows and lips, flattening of the cheeks, the re-positioning of the mouth, narrowing of the jaws and the change in skin tone that differentiates him from Grandis' face model.