Friday, August 31, 2012

TERA vs Granado Espada

I must say, the sole reason for me playing TERA would be the magnificent graphics.  However, I confess that I am not as hooked on to it as I am to Granado Espada but it is a great game anyway.

Okay, PVP in TERA.  In my opinion, it is very unbalanced.  PVP in TERA is character skill dependent.  I am not talking about the player micro skill but the skills/types of attacks that each class has.  Some classes just have too much advantage against the rest e.g. Sorcerer and Priest.  I can just say that a Priest will never die in a duel no matter how bad the player is.  In addition, since it doesn't take a day to create a new character, you are kind of stuck on the main character and it's just bad if it has many disadvantages in PVP.  Well, I still prefer the PVP system in Granado Espada by a lottttttt (even though I'm very bad, and it's true).  I don't know the true explanation but, it just appears to be much more fun controlling three characters at once and being able to use many different characters easily.  PVP is the only thing that holds me onto GE, since the rest of the time I do in GE is just afk.  Raids in GE are absolutely boring and as for TERA, I will continue it in the next section~

On the other hand, raiding in TERA is much more fun and engaging!  In TERA you get to meet BAMS (Big Ass Monsters) and lotss of team work is required to defeat a BAM/boss.  In every instance, only a maximum of 5 people are allowed.  (But recently, there is a new patch where many squads can get together to do an instance raid.  I am very sure the raid with that requirement should be really tough since there is already quite a bit of work to do in the usual instances with max. 5 people) Potions in TERA have cooldowns, so it is impossible to spam.  This is where the fun comes in, that you must plan every skill carefully in order to survive and like I said, team work is crucial and everyone has a part to play to ensure everyone survives and gets on with the raid i.e. Tank has to ensure the boss is with him at all times and the healer has to ensure that everyone's HP is full.  It is not a click and skill spamming game since all of the skills have also have a considerable amount of cool downs and you pretty much have to keep moving around to position your character and make sure it's safe.  That's for raids but.. the downside is that it is actually pretty boring to play alone.  Thank god I have Carudas to play with me, else I would have quit the game early.  Thanks to him playing by my side I have reached level 60, which is currently the maximum level in TERA.  Leveling in TERA is very easy but time consuming - levels are easily obtained by questing instead of the usual grinding.  Hence, the quests/ story is made in a way that you cannot complete it within a day, or get your character to level 60 in just a few hours.  Very much unlike GE!

One of the other few things that got me into TERA was actually the character creation/customization system.  I love to mix and match the features and create many characters.  There is also a function where details such as eye size, eye brows, nose width and shape can be adjusted and so all of the characters will look very unique!! (Unless the character is created by choosing preset) 

Some examples of the faces of characters which have have made (not made made, but I altered the sizes and proportion of features etc)

My High Elf, Nephthyss~

My Human, Thisbe, but I had deleted her ><!

And my Elin Lancer, Sphairae

TERA's "Tower of Chaos" wayyyyyy prettier.