Monday, December 3, 2012


I rechipped this.  What was I thinking.

on the bright side, I found a flowerpot shovel for my dear Anarchea¨ after rummaging through my mules(capybara's shovel).  Got lucky and managed to +6 it.  Shall use it for singles WXPVP tonight.

The next toy I'm aiming for is the Glacial Rosette, Novia's main-gauche.  The ingredients to craft are drops from mobs in the Katovic areas i.e. ice crystal, snow quartz.  One of the hardest obtainable drop would be the Black Sap.  Eltelah hardly drops them and they are priced at 1m per item on the mm.  At this rate, I'll take ages to complete this since I only managed to farm 12 saps in a few hours.

Anyway, look.  New stance.  Single main-gauche.

Is something amiss?

So well this happened a few days back; I'm almost done in pampering Anarchea¨, my Grandis.  She has finally gotten her Strata Devil weapon set! (Sword and Main-Gauche)  Dear Carudas helped me to +7, thank you so much <3

Note: I did not use this set for the WXPVP tournament.  I only got this set recently.


Some screenies of Anarchea¨ using
The Flowerpot Shovel