Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's not what it seems to be

I actually thought that I was earning 3m vis a day? Like wow finally a good and worthwhile daily quest!

mmmmm. Guess not.  It's actually 3m vis a WEEK.

I shall not question.

Painting of Orpesia


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Because I totally want this every other day

Yeah sure.  Just when I was about to reach 1980 pts I get an auto-lose again. -17pts, just like that.

And for some weird reason my team wxpvp pts weren't recorded.  I played 3 games but only 1 was recorded.

But anyway at the end of the day I managed to reach 1982 pts.  Let's see how it goes tomorrow.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Double Grandis + Double Soulbringer = Love

Woweee double Grandis with Soulbringer :D !

O_O... <3

I just found it very amusing cause' I haven't seen a double Grandis with SB team before in WXPVP; and knowing that SB is expensive/ really hard to get.

And also, 2 Grandises, I lurve :>

Disconnections, Game-Entry failures, Auto-Losses

Fed up!

I can't get over 1980 points.

When I regain back my points to near 1980, I'll just have auto-losses or whatever shits at Gehenna Bridge again.  Not once, but usually 2 times in a day and it's allllwaaayyyss at Gehenna Bridge.

More than half of my losses are from auto-losses/dcs/game-entry failures.

screw the xpvp server.  Just remove the Gehenna Bridge map already.

Now cuz of my numerous DCs/auto-losses/game-entry failures I'm just 2 points away from Rank 2.  I used to be so far away...

-31 pts in a day.  Best deduction to date.  The number just keeps increasing.

The tech team slacking or something? because this never happened/ rarely happened during the tourny period.  It's definitely not my connection/pc problem.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nerd Shit Text Alert


The performance of an individual in World Cross PVP (Singles) are reflected by 2 main factor groups:

Primary factors: (Intrinsic)

  1. Reaction
  2. Familiarity with keys on the keyboard
  3. Divided attention
  4. Decision making

Secondary factors: (Extrinsic)

  1. Line-up (characters used)
  2. Equipment

The Primary and Secondary factors cannot be isolated when reviewing the performance of an individual.  Both are interlinked with one another.  However, they do not necessarily determine the outcome of a game.  When assessing the winning outcome of an individual, a few more factors must be considered.

Other factors:
  1. Latency
  2. Physical condition of the player

Through multiple encounters/plays, factors grouped under "Other" can be eliminated and basal performance can be evaluated. 

K, what did I just write? I don't even kno-

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Team World Cross PVP 2

No matter how good a support AOE crowd control character like Wizard with Telekinesis or Marie with Sweeper... 
Catherine Torsche is still the best support character!

I got so pissed with Odette (Valeria) so I decided to try out Elleanor (ETS) as my healer/ buffer.  Hence I took her out in teams as mastering her requires a LOTTTTTTTTTTTT of practice.  She can't be mastered in one day, definitely.  It might even take months or years to get her mastered.

I had 2 interesting and tough team matches yesterday; one of which is shown in the screenshot above and I yielded the highest points.  I didn't manage to capture the first match where my team had only 4 team members (1 logged) and yet we won. heh.  Both matches were really intense and close which gave me quite a bit of Emilia practice.

and THIS is WHAT I was referring to in my previous blog post.  People going into WXPVP without decent armors.  My wizard dealt the damage an extremely OP Grandis Soul Guard (not just any ordinary Grandis with Soul Guard) would do with Falling Meteorite and my weapon is only:

Friday, January 11, 2013

Team World Cross PVP

Team World Cross PVP
Your fate is not determined by how well you play,
but by how many noobs you have in your team

I do not use my singles lineup.  I am playing a full support AOE team specially for team xpvp and yet...

why do I always get teamed with ridiculously noob people -

1) people who do not bring scouts
2) people who bring characters without expert stances
3) people who get OHKOed
4) people who will get OHKOed but still run to the front lines
5) people who play Claire - Bish Claire is the MOST DIFFICULT character to play gawd just don't touch her if you sark
6) people who do not even have L100 weapons and are still using pioneer equipment/ have no decent equipment
7) people who bring lame lineups

If any of the factors match you you should just.. STAY OUT OF TEAM PVP

Go to SINGLES if you want to earn your precious EXP
godddamn selfish people, having you in the team just pulls down the rest of your team mates and spoils their fun

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


feels good to roam around anonymously in random teams.

people don't judge me or have expectations of me. heehee.

i found this on VexenDmitri's blog.  

wtf photobomber.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Speedy Favor Boost

Botters, aren't so bad.  They can actually help you in some ways. ONLY FOR THE LEGIT!  If you're auto as well then there's not really a point for this.

One of which I'll point out is that they can help you complete your hunting quests incredibly fast since they plant their turrets all over and kill all monsters simultaneously.  I'll share what I did with a person who bots.

Okay so everyone has this "Pioneering Merchant" daily quests for the Enhanced Hope of Argus, Enhanced Will of Argus and Enhanced Garim Belt which give really good benefits.  The quest requires you to farm favor rates and points.  What I did was to squad the person so I can just feed off the kills.  Well I was quite free for the day so I could spend some time doing this.  I still have to warp to the Pioneer Merchant area to turn in and warp back to the hunting spot.  It's just that the time taken to complete the requests is much much shorter.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 & Trading tips

Odette‘ has extremely big feet

It's the New Year, 2013!

Time is flying way too fast.  It's not stopping and it won't wait for anyone!

I still want the KoKo chick pet >: /unrelated

Since it's the New Year, perhaps I will share something with you; something regarding trading in game specially for those who read my blog.  I don't think many people read my blog anyway (I know of some who read though) so I think it's quite safe to disclose it here^^  But I am, however, fully aware of the bad outcomes if many know of these...  I am gonna take the risk anyway, and I hope this will help you.


If you realized, the economy in the game has dwindled, like a total meltdown and it has become very difficult to sell off your items.  So here's a tip or two: (Doesn't apply if you are extra desperate or feeling extra kind enough to give some donations)

Before that, remember this.  No item in GE has ever had its value increased over time.

Let me start off with selling items:

ONE.  This is regarding items that are more or less readily available in the current market e.g. a +5 ELN 3DR 3S.  Since it's so darn hard to sell off equipment, sell them off straight away when someone offers you reasonably.  Don't try wait too long and think that the offers are gonna go higher because they won't.  When I say reasonably, do not mistake it for the cost/ crafting price.  I meant the acceptable price in the current market.

TWO.  In the event you receive an offer that is somewhat reasonable, and then receive another offer from another person that is higher than the former offer but he tells you he currently doesn't have enough and will gather his vis, in times like this, just reject the latter and sell to the former.  As I have mentioned, it is so darn hard to sell off equipment so how long do you think you'll have to wait for the guy to raise his vis?  You're gonna have to wait ages and from my experiences, for 90% of the time, these offerers cancel their offers with a stupid excuse that they decided to buy something else.

THREE.  Don't try to overprice equipment for non-mainstream characters... it. just. won't. work. out.  Mainstream characters are characters used most commonly for raids and Colony Wars (damaging characters with high tendencies to OHKO in normal PVP mode).  I would like to particularly highlight the one about CW.  Say, Marie for example, the meido that everyone likes but... she is not really an OHKO character in CW and there aren't many people using her for CW...  SO yeah you know what to do.  Unless you're really lucky to meet a desperate bugger, nahh better not.  You can try to OP initially but when there aren't many responses, follow up accordingly.  When you're sure you're not going to use it then it's really best to sell it off than hoard it because its value is only going to depreciate over time.

FOUR.  It's almost the same as THREE but do not try to overprice WILDLIFE racial equipment in particular.  This racial is targeted for Lucifer Garden Raids/ Time Paradox, the raid where only high tier people attend and just so you know there aren't many high tier people around.  Most of the high tier people should have already gotten their wildlife racial equipment.

FIVE.  Never mention your a/d in the broad for items less easily available and uncommon.  It's no use, you will never get to sell it at that a/d you state.  Everyone in the server can see the broad and in the event you are desperate and trying to sell it off quickly and they will most likely try to get it at a price lower.  Also, while doing so, please still be considerate to the rest of the community and refrain from "killing" the market price of an item.  Since broads are server wide, the stated a/d in the broads is like an official implication of the current price of an item.  This is especially detrimental if you put up a cheap a/d for an item.  Everyone will be influenced by this a/d and will then recognize that price as the standard, thus hastening the depreciation of an item value.  Try to only make known your a/d through private messaging.  If possible, do not make your a/d known at all.  This will only benefit you as you might not know that the person just MIGHT offer a price higher than your a/d.   

I'm done with the tips for selling so now, buying:

ONE.  Observe the seller.  When you see a selling broad that has been going about for more than 2 weeks or a month, one thought should be immediately registered into you - No one is buying that item or No one is offering well for that item.  In this case, take advantage of the situation and start by giving a lower offer (I do not mean ridiculously low offers, be fair to the seller) and then negotiate from there.

TWO.  When buying weapons for non-mainstream characters, do not comply with the seller's a/d and try to negotiate for a price lower.  Bear in mind that few will actually take interest into these weapons.

THREE.  Heheheh coming to the Market Manager (MM).  When you see some cheap stocks of items in the mm, usually the ones where you will need in large amounts such as chips/crafting materials, do not wipe out the whole stock!  When people put their items on sale in the mm, they will usually put it at a price lower than the lowest priced.  So, following this theory, leave a few behind so that the other sellers will sell their stocks below or around that price as well.

FOUR.  Similar to THREE again but this time, not touching the stocks in the mm at all.  People reference prices from the lowest priced in the mm.  So this time, instead of buying the lowest priced stock in the mm, broad and buy at price even lower than the mm.  Leave the cheap stocks in the mm and do not touch them.  This is extremely advantages especially if there are a lot of cheap stocks available in the mm, thus showing that no one is buying it and making the possibility of you getting them at an even cheaper price much higher!

And that's the end of Asphyxiia's buying/selling principles based from my observations and analyses.  Just some of the things I do to survive in GE.

Happy New Year!