Friday, January 11, 2013

Team World Cross PVP

Team World Cross PVP
Your fate is not determined by how well you play,
but by how many noobs you have in your team

I do not use my singles lineup.  I am playing a full support AOE team specially for team xpvp and yet...

why do I always get teamed with ridiculously noob people -

1) people who do not bring scouts
2) people who bring characters without expert stances
3) people who get OHKOed
4) people who will get OHKOed but still run to the front lines
5) people who play Claire - Bish Claire is the MOST DIFFICULT character to play gawd just don't touch her if you sark
6) people who do not even have L100 weapons and are still using pioneer equipment/ have no decent equipment
7) people who bring lame lineups

If any of the factors match you you should just.. STAY OUT OF TEAM PVP

Go to SINGLES if you want to earn your precious EXP
godddamn selfish people, having you in the team just pulls down the rest of your team mates and spoils their fun