Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Team World Cross PVP 2

No matter how good a support AOE crowd control character like Wizard with Telekinesis or Marie with Sweeper... 
Catherine Torsche is still the best support character!

I got so pissed with Odette (Valeria) so I decided to try out Elleanor (ETS) as my healer/ buffer.  Hence I took her out in teams as mastering her requires a LOTTTTTTTTTTTT of practice.  She can't be mastered in one day, definitely.  It might even take months or years to get her mastered.

I had 2 interesting and tough team matches yesterday; one of which is shown in the screenshot above and I yielded the highest points.  I didn't manage to capture the first match where my team had only 4 team members (1 logged) and yet we won. heh.  Both matches were really intense and close which gave me quite a bit of Emilia practice.

and THIS is WHAT I was referring to in my previous blog post.  People going into WXPVP without decent armors.  My wizard dealt the damage an extremely OP Grandis Soul Guard (not just any ordinary Grandis with Soul Guard) would do with Falling Meteorite and my weapon is only: