Thursday, January 3, 2013

Speedy Favor Boost

Botters, aren't so bad.  They can actually help you in some ways. ONLY FOR THE LEGIT!  If you're auto as well then there's not really a point for this.

One of which I'll point out is that they can help you complete your hunting quests incredibly fast since they plant their turrets all over and kill all monsters simultaneously.  I'll share what I did with a person who bots.

Okay so everyone has this "Pioneering Merchant" daily quests for the Enhanced Hope of Argus, Enhanced Will of Argus and Enhanced Garim Belt which give really good benefits.  The quest requires you to farm favor rates and points.  What I did was to squad the person so I can just feed off the kills.  Well I was quite free for the day so I could spend some time doing this.  I still have to warp to the Pioneer Merchant area to turn in and warp back to the hunting spot.  It's just that the time taken to complete the requests is much much shorter.