Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hirane and Veir

Hirane and Veir c:

Stationed here 15mins before the clock struck 12, for Veir's most anticipated stance, Royal Guard.
But something else unfortunate happened this day.
I NPCed my Elegant Rose rapier by accident; Veir's favourite weapon.
Nothing can contain his sadness.

And finally!  Puppet master.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


I love Anarchea (Ah-nar-kya), my qtpie :$

It took great effort and a lot of SCs to take these screenshots because the mobs kept coming...

... while farming starfish for Heyran hehe.  The other two characters do the job while she relaxes~

And to the topic on Rose the Heart and Rose the Spirit.  If the two special roses had been destroyed as a result of the cloning failure, what experimental scaffold did Montoro use for the making of Grandis...?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I have an idea, but it can only be done if I had a close knit of 5 friends in GE.  Right now my friends are all scattered, not knowing each other.

The plan will be an MCC 1 PVP, something like TERA's Champion Skyring.  It will be a 3v3, with everyone bringing 1 character e.g. two bring killers and one brings a healer.  World Cross PVP mode and no potting~

So ultimate support is needed!  I suppose it will be fun...?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Soul Dew

Was cleaning my drawer when I found a disc... a very old disc - Pokemon Heroes, the most favourited Pokemon movie of mine when I was younger.  The cover of the disc was cracked because I brought it along everywhere I went.  Yes, that was how obsessed I was.  I loved Latias and Latios, I was extremely crazy over them, I had 2 Latiases and Latioses in my Emerald version (transferred one set from Sapphire and Ruby), and all of my usernames and passwords had them in it back then.  I even had sketchbooks filled with Latias and Latios art and made comics and fan fictions about them but I had lost them all )':  Oh and, one more interesting fact I forgot to add was... I also designed my room and cabinets (in my old house) based on the patterns and colour theme of Latios.

They reminded me of Ludin and Lionel.  Heh, red, blue, little sister, bigger brother, starting with L.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Rose of the Reminiscence

From the GCC presentation, they flashed a slide showing that Rose the Spirit will be an RNPC in the future!

It has been said that Duke Felipe planted  2 special roses in his garden to remind him of Grandice, for she had hair as red as rose petals.  Maybe he really did love her after all...  However, after Montoro had taken ownership of the Lucifer Castle and tampered with the roses for the cloning of Grandice, the roses metamorphosed into rose demons.  Made from the thorn of a rose, emerged Rose the Heart, and from the petal of a rose bloomed Rose the Spirit.

Also, I read somewhere that Soltiegus, the demon that takes on the form of a little girl, detests women with red hair.  Unfortunately I lost the picture stating that piece of information.  Probably Grandice has got something to do with that.  If only IMC disclosed more story on the bosses residing in the Lucifer Castle/Gardens... it will be an interesting read.

Speaking about Duke Felipe and Grandice, sometimes I wonder if Claire ever thought of tracing her origin to find out who her biological parents were... I mean it's only natural to be curious about it.  But anyway, IMC needs to weave more follow up stories on my darling Grandis too!  I would also like to know the story behind Catherine's mother.

 ........... whatnoyouaremarriedtome
(it's a coincidence that only Grandis and Catherine Torsche, who are my favourite characters, have their resting pose in a kneeling position)

Friday, April 12, 2013

WXPVP points deducted and 1 defeat earned even though I did not lose or DC

Auto-DCs and game-entry failures have evolved.  Now comes a scarier one and it hits you uninformed.  At least not until you re-open the WXPVP window to view your records/ join another game.

I won all my matches today and I did not experience any auto-dcs or game-entry failures.  I was shocked to see the -18pts record in my WXPVP profile page after coming out from a game where I won with a score of 3-0.  It also gave me 1 defeat.

... Sigh?

All these auto-dcs/entry-failures and this unknown loss are ruining the looks of my WXPVP profile!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Finger nails and World Cross PVP?

I don't know how much sense this makes to you but here's what I have to say - do not keep long finger nails if you wish to play well!

Recently , I have grown my nails until they are fairly long (for beauty purposes, lol) and I realized that fingers with long nails aren't able to press the keys as well as when your nails are kept short...?   Especially in times when you have a gruelling match where your fingers deftly traverse all over the keyboard, pressing one key to another in quick succession.   So naturally, the force used and the time spent to press down a key is lesser.  The problem comes when the keys are sometimes not fully pressed down with long finger nails or when two keys are pressed down together since the finger nail is long enough to reach the other.  The consequence, which is obvious enough, is having your character not executing a skill or even doing the wrong one!  Although this might be a small matter and it might or might not hinder as it varies individually, you absolutely do not want that to happen!

So... keep your nails short!  It is more hygienic too after all and I feel that guys should keep their nails short anyway.  It looks much more pleasant and neat.  As for girls, well if not planning to put on fancy polish should keep them short too.


Okay side tracking, someone sent me this picture...
A team match that I had a two months ago against a full Empire Ranked team consisting of good PVP characters such as Tora, Ion, Catherine INT, Claire, Grandis SG and even Grandis SB.  What makes it more interesting is that they had a team member with 2 Valerias, which means two mass resurrections.  One of their team member won with 10,798 points!

They even posted it on their FB... and stated my name, without addressing the other 4.  Feeling glorious huh?  But yes, you guys did a great job and kudos to the double Valeria user who managed to cast timely resurrections.

Here's mine ;_;  My team, not a full Empire Ranked team, consisting of characters less adept for PVP.   Notwithstanding the huge disadvantage , I managed to get 10,355 points.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sphairae again

 because <3.
warning: photo spam!
dying from cuteness overload, can't help but to take many screenies @_@

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sphairae, the redheaded rabbit

Sphairae underwent some colour changing from this, 

Goodbye old colours

to this~

followed Grandis' colour theme.

She's very happy with her new look now~

(Random screenies!)
This is what happens when during the Nexus period.  The server lags badly, freezing mobs in their position.  Pami took this opportunity to get up close to the Centaur and found out that its face is actually quite ... cute.