Monday, April 8, 2013

Finger nails and World Cross PVP?

I don't know how much sense this makes to you but here's what I have to say - do not keep long finger nails if you wish to play well!

Recently , I have grown my nails until they are fairly long (for beauty purposes, lol) and I realized that fingers with long nails aren't able to press the keys as well as when your nails are kept short...?   Especially in times when you have a gruelling match where your fingers deftly traverse all over the keyboard, pressing one key to another in quick succession.   So naturally, the force used and the time spent to press down a key is lesser.  The problem comes when the keys are sometimes not fully pressed down with long finger nails or when two keys are pressed down together since the finger nail is long enough to reach the other.  The consequence, which is obvious enough, is having your character not executing a skill or even doing the wrong one!  Although this might be a small matter and it might or might not hinder as it varies individually, you absolutely do not want that to happen!

So... keep your nails short!  It is more hygienic too after all and I feel that guys should keep their nails short anyway.  It looks much more pleasant and neat.  As for girls, well if not planning to put on fancy polish should keep them short too.


Okay side tracking, someone sent me this picture...
A team match that I had a two months ago against a full Empire Ranked team consisting of good PVP characters such as Tora, Ion, Catherine INT, Claire, Grandis SG and even Grandis SB.  What makes it more interesting is that they had a team member with 2 Valerias, which means two mass resurrections.  One of their team member won with 10,798 points!

They even posted it on their FB... and stated my name, without addressing the other 4.  Feeling glorious huh?  But yes, you guys did a great job and kudos to the double Valeria user who managed to cast timely resurrections.

Here's mine ;_;  My team, not a full Empire Ranked team, consisting of characters less adept for PVP.   Notwithstanding the huge disadvantage , I managed to get 10,355 points.