Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Soul Dew

Was cleaning my drawer when I found a disc... a very old disc - Pokemon Heroes, the most favourited Pokemon movie of mine when I was younger.  The cover of the disc was cracked because I brought it along everywhere I went.  Yes, that was how obsessed I was.  I loved Latias and Latios, I was extremely crazy over them, I had 2 Latiases and Latioses in my Emerald version (transferred one set from Sapphire and Ruby), and all of my usernames and passwords had them in it back then.  I even had sketchbooks filled with Latias and Latios art and made comics and fan fictions about them but I had lost them all )':  Oh and, one more interesting fact I forgot to add was... I also designed my room and cabinets (in my old house) based on the patterns and colour theme of Latios.

They reminded me of Ludin and Lionel.  Heh, red, blue, little sister, bigger brother, starting with L.