Tuesday, December 25, 2012


i'm obsessed with Grandis and will forever be obsessed with Grandis; my wxpvp line has Grandis and even my loading screen art entry has Grandis.

Merry Christmas everyone~

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Forbidden Terrain

Happened to bump onto this screenie in one of my folders

and this happened quite sometime ago but 

HAS ANYONE BEEN HERE?!  The VIP spectator platform.

Too bad my Lloyds did not get the VIP seats.  They end up getting maimed by the enemy.  I couldn't do anything but to watch them die... RIP.  No worries, I'll resummon them again.

Here is the location.

Some exploration.

3 minutes has passed and he still hasn't noticed me up here.  Still down there spamming detection *giggles*

He finally spotted me!  He stared at me as if I were an exotic animal in a cage.

I forgot to tell you, I bite.  Thanks fer giving me 348 points ^^v

10 seconds to Victory.

Anyway IAH has been updating PPL WEEKLY but no HCOF update at all for the month of December? -_- fish... HCOF is the only place I put my money in (GP or Vis) and I don't even play PPL (apart from the time when Soul bringer was released).
It's the end of the year and Christmas is coming it should really be updated generously with exciting stuff.

And not to complain but if PPL were updated it should be updated with a wider array of weapon costumes other than the ones that have already been released numerous times.  We have plenty of stock of Evil swords, Evil greatswords and Evil Crossbow costumes already in the market.

Monday, December 3, 2012


I rechipped this.  What was I thinking.

on the bright side, I found a flowerpot shovel for my dear Anarchea¨ after rummaging through my mules(capybara's shovel).  Got lucky and managed to +6 it.  Shall use it for singles WXPVP tonight.

The next toy I'm aiming for is the Glacial Rosette, Novia's main-gauche.  The ingredients to craft are drops from mobs in the Katovic areas i.e. ice crystal, snow quartz.  One of the hardest obtainable drop would be the Black Sap.  Eltelah hardly drops them and they are priced at 1m per item on the mm.  At this rate, I'll take ages to complete this since I only managed to farm 12 saps in a few hours.

Anyway, look.  New stance.  Single main-gauche.

Is something amiss?

So well this happened a few days back; I'm almost done in pampering Anarchea¨, my Grandis.  She has finally gotten her Strata Devil weapon set! (Sword and Main-Gauche)  Dear Carudas helped me to +7, thank you so much <3

Note: I did not use this set for the WXPVP tournament.  I only got this set recently.


Some screenies of Anarchea¨ using
The Flowerpot Shovel