Thursday, August 28, 2014


Not Grandis.
Yeah. MIreille.

Alllllmost finished gearing her up~
and I don't know why blogger makes my photos so yellow and dark.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


So uh yea.  Been searching high and low for years for this in high quality and finally I've found it.  It was this pic of her that made me swoon.  I'm still disappointed that they didn't give her the dark stockings (seen at her upper thighs) and the loose leg wraps (seen at her ankles) in the game's 3D version.

Catherine, who has been my first favourite is now totally obsolete.  In fact, this is also slowly creeping up on Grandis?  Although Grandis is still ....... usable, her era is over.  At least, both of them had their time when they were in a league above the rest and I appreciate that.  On the other hand, Kess never really had an "era" of his own but that's fine I still love you Kess hehe.    

Now, while I ogle at Mireille..........

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pose Grandis!


It's been 2 years and she's still my favourite or rather, still unhealthily obsessed over.  I simply can't get enough?  
Recently IMC had nerfed her Soul Bringer stance again, but this time only applied in world cross PVP: Windblow 20s --> 25s cd; totally stripping off its utility.  Playing her literally feels very heavy since her cast times are shit without King Spirit and now... a longer cool down wait for one of the two of her saviour skills.  I can only cry.

Meanwhile in Bach... heavily toned down plus ridiculous inflation and everything broken.
On a random note, I really admire people who can pen down their thoughts so fluently because I'm just blankshitblankshitblankgrandis.