Sunday, August 17, 2014


So uh yea.  Been searching high and low for years for this in high quality and finally I've found it.  It was this pic of her that made me swoon.  I'm still disappointed that they didn't give her the dark stockings (seen at her upper thighs) and the loose leg wraps (seen at her ankles) in the game's 3D version.

Catherine, who has been my first favourite is now totally obsolete.  In fact, this is also slowly creeping up on Grandis?  Although Grandis is still ....... usable, her era is over.  At least, both of them had their time when they were in a league above the rest and I appreciate that.  On the other hand, Kess never really had an "era" of his own but that's fine I still love you Kess hehe.    

Now, while I ogle at Mireille..........