Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mini accomplishments

There aren't many significant accomplishments that I have achieved in Granado Espada this year.  In fact, there are only two.

The first would be:

Made it to that score a few weeks ago but unfortunately, I never managed to exceed that score in my subsequent plays. 

The second accomplishment is that I managed to solo the all of the bosses before the Queen of Valkyries in the Castilla Tower of Chaos with non-racial weapons; using Soul Bringer and Royal Guard.  I'm not really a raider so I count this as a big achievement.  

As for World Cross PVP... the pace hasn't changed much since the last amendment (nerf of Split Shooter, Enchanted Arm and some skills of Soul Bringer).  I breezed through most of my matches and as usual, will occasionally face some auto-dcs and losses.

Now I'm just checking KGE's Granado Espada homepage every two days in hopes of being able to see the game version of Grandis' new attire.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Drawing of Grandis' eye using Samsung Galaxy Note 2

I love the way Grandis' eyes are so one day I tried drawing it.  
I drew her eye using Samsung Galaxy Note 2's S Note application and here it is.

I used the pencil tool and played around with the colour palette to colour her eye.  However, the colours on the palette are limited and it is unable to produce certain shades.  Hence, this makes it difficult to obtain the colours for the skin shades.  What can be done is to manually mix the colours by overlapping one colour over another.  Then, use the colour picker to pick the mixed colour.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Grandis' hot new attire

GIVE IT TO ME NOW. NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! asdgddgfhghfjkujkyuaastohjpyuj

This.  Is what I call, Sexy, which is unlike the extensively overused female costume/armor concept designs that barely clothe the character, revealing a lot of skin and covering only the breasts and crotch.

Apparently, this June's Update (in kGE) will be the final update on the story of Orpesia.

WHICH MAKES ME THINK.  That the blonde lady in red in the Granado Espada poster was actually intended to be Kess.

Blonde curly hair, fair skinned, red outfit...

But then again, the background doesn't depict the scene in Brestia, and instead, has a closer resemblance to the Holy City of Amoria.  So maybe... just maybe, she might make her debut in that patch.