Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mini accomplishments

There aren't many significant accomplishments that I have achieved in Granado Espada this year.  In fact, there are only two.

The first would be:

Made it to that score a few weeks ago but unfortunately, I never managed to exceed that score in my subsequent plays. 

The second accomplishment is that I managed to solo the all of the bosses before the Queen of Valkyries in the Castilla Tower of Chaos with non-racial weapons; using Soul Bringer and Royal Guard.  I'm not really a raider so I count this as a big achievement.  

As for World Cross PVP... the pace hasn't changed much since the last amendment (nerf of Split Shooter, Enchanted Arm and some skills of Soul Bringer).  I breezed through most of my matches and as usual, will occasionally face some auto-dcs and losses.

Now I'm just checking KGE's Granado Espada homepage every two days in hopes of being able to see the game version of Grandis' new attire.