Thursday, April 12, 2012

Uraeus Style

This happened a month ago but I'll just post it now since I was too lazy to do so then.  Just some scenes of our Mantara raid.

It dropped us a strata devil dagger recipe,  one of my dream strata weapon among the three - Sword, Main-Gauche and Dagger.  Why these three?  Well, to fulfill the dreams of my Grandis!! (hopefully) and Catherine.  As mentioned before in my previous post, they are my favourite characters and.. not forgetting Lionel!  But, I wouldn't be giving him a Strata [sorry Charles (Lionel)] cause' he's just PVE.

The raid was exhausting, had to do repeated and troublesome actions for 1hr+ or so.  But anyway our efforts weren't really a waste and thanks to my luck we got a dagger rec.  Its other drops aren't too appealing but it drops main-gauche too... which is what I want and need.

I realized GE/IMC tends to craft the recent raids in a fashion I would call Uraeus Style in which there will be minions or something mandatory to kill before getting back to the main boss.  Some examples would be the Cortes raid @ Lucifer Castle warehouse, Mantara raid @ Lucifer Moonlight garden and the Fury Sekhmet raid.  Whoever thought of that should just die and if the main aim was to create a more engaging and entertaining raid gameplay, I'd give an F to that.  Apparently it's a complete annoyance and simply creates more loathsome work to do.  It doesn't require thought or induce any challenges.  The steps are simple and there isn't any change throughout the whole raid.  All you have to do is to rinse and repeat several times till it becomes a chore.  Honestly speaking, I have never attained any satisfaction from these raids.  All I get is "oh alright, we can down this boss and I'll just have to attend the raids regularly so that I can have one of its drops", which is very unlike the feeling I get from PVP.

So here are my little ratings for GE:

Raid gameplay - 3/10 dry to the core
WXPVP gameplay - 9/10 in fact, I love it even though I'm not good at it!
Normal PVP gameplay - 7/10 it's alright
Graphics - 9/10 it has superior graphics despite being an old game
Community - 6/10 no comments

And recently I did this :

And observed that our Lionel had earl grey eyes instead of the original sapphire eyes.  Contact lenses?!

P.s. I prefer the sapphire eyes.  B> sapphire contacts for Lionel ):