Friday, March 23, 2012

WXPvP new line

I switched Mikaela (Romina) to Pamela (Natalie) cause' I wanted my own unique character lineup!  I started using this on the 22nd March and she was not too bad.  She uses flintlock as well.  I regret not getting the Angel Bayonet weapon costume because the glow is just so awesome.  It would be a sight in WxPvP if I had it.  From afar, the glow tint is like that of a +8 constellation weapon.  However, instead of the sizzling shine, it illuminates a lustrous shine with angelic feathers.  Unfortunately, the weapon design is.. well.. the same as the Angel Bayonet.  I would have wanted something more original like the dagger costume.

My Riful (Ludin) dressed up in "Party dress - Zoo" with Carudas' Raphael (Lionel) wielding the Angel Bayonet weapon costume.