Friday, March 23, 2012

WXPvP new line

I switched Mikaela (Romina) to Pamela (Natalie) cause' I wanted my own unique character lineup!  I started using this on the 22nd March and she was not too bad.  She uses flintlock as well.  I regret not getting the Angel Bayonet weapon costume because the glow is just so awesome.  It would be a sight in WxPvP if I had it.  From afar, the glow tint is like that of a +8 constellation weapon.  However, instead of the sizzling shine, it illuminates a lustrous shine with angelic feathers.  Unfortunately, the weapon design is.. well.. the same as the Angel Bayonet.  I would have wanted something more original like the dagger costume.

My Riful (Ludin) dressed up in "Party dress - Zoo" with Carudas' Raphael (Lionel) wielding the Angel Bayonet weapon costume.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Miss Red Ribbon's adventures in the Lucifer Secret and Moonlight Garden

Here is half an album of Little Miss Red Ribbon's excursion to the Lucifer Secret and Moonlight Garden.  Apparently, this realm is her favourite hangout.

Little Miss Red Ribbon: Enjoy!