Saturday, February 25, 2012

Granado Espada SGE

I think bangs sucks
It's time to get mature
I've grown out of bangs and I think I should expose my forehead of wisdom
I bet it's higher than yours

GE is dull
The way the raids function sucks
They are really boring and mindless
I have actually slept halfway through a raid - TOC
My characters afked there
GE raids brings brain activity to almost zero
The raid boss' HP is just too high
Duration of repeated mindless DPS is therefore too long
As to down bosses, just plain DPS and some minor movement of characters
And how would you DPS, just spend cash and you own it
You know
I don't even yearn for a Greek Croma or a Strata weapon/armour
I just say I want it because it's the best armour/weapon in GE and to follow trends
I go for the raids because I have nothing else to do in the game and probably to sustain relationships
In actual fact I don't really care if I will get it or not anyway
I'm existing in this game only for World Cross PVP even though I'm not good at it
At least it engages me, my brain, my effectors
I don't care how "imba" your items are
But I'll just say it's imba anyway just to follow the crowd and to make you happy
Right now I owe Carudas 800m
I wonder how will I ever get that sum
No one is buying any of my crap merchandise and I am too lazy to raid
S> ELN wizard recipe
Pm me to buy it thanks

Thursday, February 16, 2012

World Cross PvP Lineups

My PVP skills are deteriorating... 

I'm still figuring out what the best lineup is. It gives me massive headaches especially when there are pros and cons for every lineup. However, I am still trying to filter out the line up that least compromises the cons.

So far, I've used...

Romina/ CathT/ Valeria
Musk/ CathT/ Valeria
Romina/ ATP/ Valeria
Musk/ ATP/ Valeria

and I realized CathT is a must... Probably because I'm comfortable with playing her since I've been using her ever since she was brought into GE. She can go invisible, has decent KB aoe skills and many debuffs which are useful in depleting your opponent's HP.

However, I still feel that the line ups I used as mentioned above are inadequate, and some characters are helpless when they are locked on and are then left to be maimed repeatedly by characters with instant KB skills.

Here are some good line ups which I've seen my opponents use:

1) Claire(cannon)/ CathT/ Valeria
2) Lorch/ CathT/ Valeria
3) ATP/ CathT/ Valeria
4) ATP/ Fgt(crusader)/ Scout

At one point I thought that the first lineup if mastered skilfully, would be able to defeat all lineups - Claire(cannon)/ CathT/ Valeria. Opponents wouldn't even be able to get near. The drawback for this is that it is difficult to play.

But... After I have encountered this interesting lineup - ATP/ Fgt(crusader)/ Scout with a ridiculously high block rate, I doubt the previous could counter it since all bullets will be blocked and this gives the opponent the opportunity to get nearer and latch onto the character. However, there is still a possibility if the Claire aims the ATP and Cath focuses on the crusader character. It might work since ATP's crimson crescent has been changed to have a cooldown of 12secs as compared to the previous version, where it had a 5sec cooldown time. Claire could use one of the skills in her non-expert stance to shrug off ATP if she got close and meanwhile, Cath, if lucky, could lay debuffs on the crusader character to lower his HP and eventually kill him. Sounds good afterall, mastering this lineup will now become another story.

So now, it goes like this: 1) has a chance of winning over 4), but there is still a possibility that 4) can defeat 1) because of the line's substantial block rates. In the end, 4) might be the one lowering 1)'s HP while 1)'s attacks are continuously being blocked. It's a 50/50. 1) can definitely defeat 2) because of Claire's massive AOE which can clear all traps Lorch planted, thus creating a clear path for the characters to advance to the opponent. 1) could defeat 3) as well since 3)'s range is not very far and will have troubles to reach Claire. Drawback of 1) will be the time spent to master this lineup.

In actual fact, before WXPvP was introduced into our sGE version, 1) Claire/ CathT/ Valeria or Emilia was the first lineup I had in mind to play. However, after some influences from my peers, it led me into playing Romina/ CathT/ Buffer&Resser character and the Serpent Cannon that I have crafted became a white elephant in my inventory.

Here are the other plan outs for the other lineups which are all in my opinion.
2)Lorch/ CathT/ Valeria - 2) could defeat 1) if 2) manage to get close to the opponents. The idea would be to let the opponent Cath come at Lorch while CathT tries to get Claire. Lorch has an instant skill after all, Encounter stroke, was it. He could use that to push Cath aside and plant his traps. With that, she's immobilized and left bare and exposed to Lorch with her life at stake. Now what you what to do would be to get rid of Claire. With Cath immobilized, you could either deplete her HP further, kill her off, or just continue to leave her immobilzed. After any of those, then bring Lorch to attend to Claire with Cath already there. Now it's 2 v1. If you would split them, one will definitely be able to reach Claire. KB the claire, plant the traps so on and so forth. You will just want to maintain minimal distance between Claire because Claire's main weapon is distance. If CathT hadn't been killed off earlier, she should not be neglected but just do the best to fight and maintain the distance. As for 3) and 4) vs 2), 2) should have no problems finishing them off if played with good skill. The key to defeat 4) is that the HP must be reduced and traps can help to perform this role.

You see, there's a never ending cycle. One lineup may be good to one but may not be good to another. It is really difficult to decide!!

From the time I have been playing, I have always been "consoling" myself, and telling myself that as long as a lineup is mastered and played efficiently and well, there will be no problems defeating any one else. It is definitely true to a certain extent but sometimes the actual fact of the nature of the lineups and characters oppose your skills or put them into a major disadvantage.

Back to 3) and 4), the key for these lineups are similar. Both requires latching on to the opponent to win. These lines are considerable because of the fast casting/ instant KB skills and range KB skills that the characters have. They are also easy to play but much cognitive thinking is required when met with long-ranged opponents such as Claire. To make things easier, 3) can be equipped with stun weapons so that the opponents would then be really at mercy. With instant latch on skills and stun, there is no way the opponent can escape. 3) might be at a little disadvantage to 4) because 4) has crazy block rates and since 3) needs to have close contact, it just makes things easier for 4) to counter. This makes 4) the most sturdy built and easy to play, but will have troubles when faced with 2) and lineups with wizards. But you know, don't think of playing wizards because Valeria has this skill that renders wiz debuffs useless. Moreover, there are many ranged players out there so the wizard will just get shot, and die. The only useful line that wizard will be good in is Wizard/ Lionel/ Buffer&Resser. That's just because of the massive damage that Lionel can deal. I don't need to elaborate much, do I.

So in summary,
1) Claire/ CathT/ Buffer&Resser - Pros: It is the universal killer lineup. Can defeat 2), 3), 4). Cons: Might have trouble dealing with 4). Difficult to master.
2) Lorch/ CathT/ Buffer&Resser - Pros: Can defeat almost all lineups. Easier to play than 1). Cons: Might have trouble dealing with 1) and ranged characters.
3) ATP/ CathT/ Buffer&Resser - Pros: Can defeat almost all lineups. If equipped with stun weapons, it gives no chances for opponents to counter. Easy to play. Cons: Might have trouble dealing with 1), 2) and 4).
4) ATP/ Crusader/ Buffer&Resser - Pros: Can relatively defeat almost all lineups at ease. Easy to play. Cons: Might have trouble with 1) and 2) and flying characters.

So... I'm still at a lost as to what I should play. Getting good equipment is not easy either. Crafting, enhancing and chipping are not cheap. GE is such an expensive game and is really cash intensive. A game of gamble.