Saturday, February 25, 2012

Granado Espada SGE

I think bangs sucks
It's time to get mature
I've grown out of bangs and I think I should expose my forehead of wisdom
I bet it's higher than yours

GE is dull
The way the raids function sucks
They are really boring and mindless
I have actually slept halfway through a raid - TOC
My characters afked there
GE raids brings brain activity to almost zero
The raid boss' HP is just too high
Duration of repeated mindless DPS is therefore too long
As to down bosses, just plain DPS and some minor movement of characters
And how would you DPS, just spend cash and you own it
You know
I don't even yearn for a Greek Croma or a Strata weapon/armour
I just say I want it because it's the best armour/weapon in GE and to follow trends
I go for the raids because I have nothing else to do in the game and probably to sustain relationships
In actual fact I don't really care if I will get it or not anyway
I'm existing in this game only for World Cross PVP even though I'm not good at it
At least it engages me, my brain, my effectors
I don't care how "imba" your items are
But I'll just say it's imba anyway just to follow the crowd and to make you happy
Right now I owe Carudas 800m
I wonder how will I ever get that sum
No one is buying any of my crap merchandise and I am too lazy to raid
S> ELN wizard recipe
Pm me to buy it thanks