Thursday, August 25, 2011

SGE World Cross PVP [BETA] Final Rankings

WXPVP BETA version 11 Aug 2011 ~ 24 Aug 2011

Eventful (: Every moment was thrilling and fun filled although faced with many challenging opponents and disconnections.

The disconnections were pretty horrible = = I remember attaining a rank of 393 Trainee due to the massive disconnections and unstable server. The disconnections costed me a total of 11 losses so far. Sux eh! Anyway the rankings will be reset tomorrow, so let's all hope for the best and pray hard that we wouldn't meet up with Mr. Disconnection in our game.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


In the night on the 24th may 2011...

"jelly, jelly, jelly ..." the hideous jelly-like helicoptor finally gave it to me after numerous trips! (and yes, utmost thanks to my fellow faction mates who helped me out and made this possible, except for one) Hydro bomber and Dark Gemini gave theirs to me quite easily where I was able to get both on first attempts. So.... I completed the quest (4 new medals :D - jelly fish, hydro bomber, light gemini, dark gemini) and now I'm left with the queen of valkyries (omg).

and I've got a new costume too(: which is obtainable upon completing TOC part 3 quest. However it sours me to know that it's only for male musketeers.

Monday, May 23, 2011

bach cw 22/05/2011

good job athena! :)12/23 colonies


Thursday, May 19, 2011


hi, first post. test test test.

alright so today's maintenance gonna upgrade our ge version to 6.7 (: what's new you might ask? well just some small updates like rnpc personal job skills revamped, change in colony war time and we're getting terribly horrible icky yucky pastel green glows on our 33ar weapons +7 and above.

unfortunately i wouldn't be home, i'll be out. yeah(: so i'll be missing medusa raid again, and KH this time, since it's thursday. i think i've missed medusa for quite a few times already. but honestly it can be said that my interest in doing medu raids is dying, so that kinda explains it. however i'll still make a point to go when i can, just to help out, but probably not as much and as hardcore as before. my vis is depleting real bad and rapidly, due to consumption of hrins, status ampules and lollipops every single day just for medusa.

k tata.

P.S. f> pvp matches when i'm online - always(: