Thursday, May 19, 2011


hi, first post. test test test.

alright so today's maintenance gonna upgrade our ge version to 6.7 (: what's new you might ask? well just some small updates like rnpc personal job skills revamped, change in colony war time and we're getting terribly horrible icky yucky pastel green glows on our 33ar weapons +7 and above.

unfortunately i wouldn't be home, i'll be out. yeah(: so i'll be missing medusa raid again, and KH this time, since it's thursday. i think i've missed medusa for quite a few times already. but honestly it can be said that my interest in doing medu raids is dying, so that kinda explains it. however i'll still make a point to go when i can, just to help out, but probably not as much and as hardcore as before. my vis is depleting real bad and rapidly, due to consumption of hrins, status ampules and lollipops every single day just for medusa.

k tata.

P.S. f> pvp matches when i'm online - always(: