Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I visit here from time to time but blank out on what I should write, record down, or prattle on; eventually closing the tab.  Never realised until now that posting something new on a regular basis is quite a difficult task, especially when I've no escapades whatsoever in the game.

I could go on discussing about current and upcoming characters and/or skill sets, but they're all pretty straightforward and done in my head.  Also, I encourage freethinking instead of being imprinted by "models" or opinions although exemplary results shown in game easily impedes this process.  Who doesn't like something guaranteed or shortcuts right?

I would eschew mentioning server politics...

Guides - everyone has it all in starstorm and elsewhere.

Quirks, maybe.  Just not much lately cause' I'm sitting on something else that has to be done.

I'll think about it again next time.  Much more convenient if something exciting happens.  Then again I should remember this is my vomit board so nothing needs to be relevant.