Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Those long grueling fights at CW maps for >1hr, Sky Altar, Demigod Forest, Armonia maps, Deadlands, and King's Garden are dearly missed.  The longest fight dated sometime in April at Deadlands lasted for 8 whole hours!  Next in line would be the fights at Biego lasting on average for 4 hours.

Yep... those were the days.  Sadly, never happening again.

Now's just afk, afk, afk, and afk...  And while typing this I realised I can even afk peacefully.  Not that it's a bad thing but...


No PVP in the night on any given day.
Not much PVP during the weekend either.  Alliance War isn't counted it's only MCC1 and I'm just attending for... I'm not sure even... rank maintenance probably, and being food for someone.

I also miss the times when the broads were flooded with numerous unfamiliar names.  Unfortunately most of them disappeared after ban waves.

Idk what to feel.

and I talk too soon.  Next day got PKed lololol...