Thursday, September 22, 2016

Since the SGE is reaching its... you know, I'm gonna re-use this blog to pen down every last memorable moment... It's embarrassing to say this but it is true I grew up together with this game (from 2009 to now) and it is undeniably one of the few integral parts of my life.

As much as I am very disappointed with how unprofessionally IAH is handling SGE right now and the hopeless state of this game, I am set to resume topping up once monthly, just as a token of appreciation that the game is still up and running rather smoothly.  I know many people have stopped topping up already and I doubt my top up-once-a-month contribution is gonna help mitigate anything but... I still hope it does, even just a bit.  I love this game terribly and I don't wish to see it die just yet.

It's not like all of the game's content is exceptionally fun to play... The execution of quests are dull, missions are boring, raids are mundane, and there's nothing to keep you occupied with most of the time in game.  However, I would admit I am still hopelessly in love with their PVP system (especially World-Cross PVP although it's no longer world-cross) as well as their characters (with story backgrounds) and their designs.  Up till now, I've never enjoyed PVP in any other game as much as I do in GE - it requires much thought in decision making concurrently with good macromanagement of three characters in real time; though this should be disclaimed for PVP-ing by SC spamming.  I guess it's also my heavy involvement in the faction I've been committed to since family level 21 till now that makes me feel pretty attached and I can't bear to see it all disappear just like that.

About a year ago (11 months to be exact), IAH merged the PK and non-PK servers and so we're only left with one server now.  The remedy to ameliorate server population issues by merging is no longer an option anymore from now on.  This server is the last.  IAH is still not doing anything to gain new players nor are they even bothered to maintain any form of communication with their current player pool for any updates/events anymore.  It is easy to see how so precariously this predicament can be tipped over any moment...

Sadface.jpg.  Well nothing lasts forever and that's inevitable.

Anyway since the time I've last posted, I've grown fond of a few new characters (as much as I did with Grandis) namely Leona/ Code name L and Kevin/ Evil Machina (inclining more to Leona/ Code name L) and I've been using them thoroughly in field/wx PVP and as my afk avatar since the merge, from the first day of their Lyndon box release.  Never got tired of them!  I was also using tumblr as a platform for posting random stuff on my obsessions - I have got a truck load of Leona posts in there, love her too much.

Looking back at my past posts, I have also noticed that I don't blog about my opinions on server politics or gossips or bragposts whatsoever... Maybe I should since it's the last lap; just maybe.  I do harbour some thoughts from time to time but are mostly trivial.

That's all for now.