Thursday, September 11, 2014


Time passes so quickly regardless of whether you're busy or not.  The only difference is that the fleeting moments are paid attention to and seemingly sped up when you're busy while the cyclic weeks of inertia would pass by unnoticed when you're free and only seem like days upon looking back, I think.  Tbh it doesn't feel like a month since I've gotten Mireille.  I'm grateful to my friend who helped to seal a cheap deal for her. 

Oh Mireille Mireille Mireille. So miraculously surreal?  She's a young girl presumably in her teens empowered by strong emotions.  Her crown draped in a white hood, embodying her fondness towards her savior, probably Van.   

Little Grecha was adopted on the 17th of August 2014 and I had her rapier ready on the 21st of August after spending an exorbitant sum of 5 billion vis plus 2 GVCs; to date it would be entitled to be the most expensive and worst-ever experience in my weapon crafting history.  My pocket obviously mauled, but it was all for good.  Pairing it with my stellar Strata LG bracelet, they averaged out to be 96% (grin).

By now I've nearly finished completing Mireille.  Her Tourmaline of Dominance (LG bracelet costume) was finally attained after searching for weeks.  I'm so thankful to my factionmate who sold it to me cheaply in the end.  What's left is her Electronic KAtz ring which is almost non-existent in my server and exorbitantly priced (I wonder when I will get it?).

Her performance in PVP is satisfying albeit less powerful than Montoro.  Her utility and skills are pretty much straightforward so I shall not babble any longer and end this off with some lovely pictures that I have captured in her skill animation. 

twirlllllllll mmm yeah felt good.

Background/setting was not very appropriate but still, beautiful anis :')