Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Some Grandis and Grandice stoof

Decided to visit the Grandis NPC standing outside Lucifer Castle's basement this fine morning only to find out that the NPC is smaller than the recruit-able version.
Early GE characters usually have their NPCs bigger and taller than them.  As for the newer additions (iirc version 2.4 and up), they are around the same height.  Apparently, this is not the case for Grandis!

Playing with Anarchea¨ (Grandis) then led me on to bring out the young and old Queen of Pioneering.  If you wondered what her eye is like beneath that eye patch, here are your answers:

At this point her left eye is normal but she wears an eye patch to cover it.  Probably might have been weakened from all the battle?   But for obvious reasons it's just because her model is re-used from Grandis.  Anyway still pretty, still in good shape.

Now, examining her left eye when she's old...

It appears she genuinely lost her left eye.  It looks like it had gone blind.  However I have no idea why there are green streaks in that area...  and oddly, her right eye colour changed from blue to brown.

Whatever it is, now kiss cause' they cute.