Thursday, August 22, 2013

Love. Kess.

I must say this is the first time I've gotten an elite stance early on its release (18/08/2013) into the game's content and I am quite amused myself.  I never thought that I would get it.  My Punisher was gotten 1 and a half years after its release (24/01/2012) and my Soul Bringer was gotten 2 months after its release (27/09/2012, but yeah well I got it on the first PPL release).

I don't know what actually spurred me to get Heavy Stinger and his IBR-620 - I did not have any pre-existing interest in Kess or whatsoever since the induction of the Brestia plot.  He had never appealed to me...much.  All that he projected to me was as a handsome blonde haired male character whose sole role was to achieve Brestia's independence.

Totally not interesting.    

However, when I started doing the Brestia scenario-2 and 3 quests and when more and more of his character revealed as the story unfolded, he somehow started to grow on me /blush.  It was then I started picturing him together with the massive anti-tank rifle and having seen skill animation videos of Heavy Stinger overwhelming mobs, I imagined it to be a true manifestation of power.  After recruiting him, I took a second look at the model.  Although incredibly unrealistic, Kess with his colossal rifle fits just so perfectly.  This combination outwardly makes him one of the sexiest creatures in GE~  

I didn't read up on the skill descriptions or asked for opinions on his stance.  I didn't care if it will turn out to be a bad PVP stance and if my money will be wasted.  I was dead set on getting it.  So yeah, I got it heheh.  I managed to win the IBR-620 recipe after spamming 200 Lyndon Boxes :\ and purchased the stance book from a faction mate.

Till now, I'm still beaming over my almost-completed Kess and the elation hasn't waned a single bit yet.  All that's left now is to upgrade his rifle and that can be done later.  To me, it is very enjoyable to use Kess even if all that can be done right now is to AFK with him.

No regrets.

(and of course I still love my Grandis with her Soul Bringer. the love never dies)

Speaking about... only being able to AFK.  Yes that's what it is for me now and it is why I've stopped playing World Cross PVP (last played 14/07/2013).  I'll be back!  But not soon.  

I'm not even sure if I will still have the ability to play it as well as before when I come back.