Monday, March 18, 2013


Since I'm not able to get in touch with my computer I use wifi on my phone whenever I have the opportunity.  I think about Tera once in a while (yes I got back to playing it ever since it became f2p and ...  kinda got a lil addicted to it again :s) so I thought about my bunny Elin lancer, Sphairae.  I then went to search up my lancer's ign for the fun of it.

Her name, Sphairae, was thought up by me.  It doesn't have an actual meaning to it.  I just rearranged some of the letters of my Granado Espada ign and fused it together with my name.  I wanted it to be original and unique, not an overly used name.  This adorable Elin Lancer has to have a special name as she will be my main.  I even went to the extent of googling the name "Sphairae" before naming my Elin, just to make sure that it doesn't appear in the google search.  I have made a few names before this but when I find that it already exists and is easily found in google search, I turned down the idea and rethink a name.  I finally settled down with Sphairae as it did not appear as anyone's name in the google search.  There were no profiles whatsoever with the name Sphairae.  Plus, the name sounded sweet and serene, befitting my little Elin.

However, that was a year ago.

When I search the name "Sphairae" now,  I am able to find a few game accounts/profiles that were created late Nov/Dec of 2012 with the name Sphairae too!

(I wanted to be the one and only with that name but I know it's impossible)


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Funny chat from Team WXPVP (random)

That's one part of it but there were worse parts where he scolded me harshly for no apparent reason.  Kept saying I was using vets and that I should f*** off.  I was using another account when this happened though.

 ._." ... ... did you say 1v1

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Saw an update

Where family names can be seen in Team PVP in the future.

that means... more hate for me since I'm quite a logger ._.v

I usually log out (I'm sorry) when I see that my team has been defeated in less than 2 minutes in the first round (if the match lasts for more than 3 minutes I'll stay even if my team loses) and when I see that no effort is put in in their part.  It's quite pointless staying on as my purpose of playing team random PVP is to have the fun and to enjoy the matches.  If my team gets rolled in less than 2 minutes there's really nothing I can do to ameliorate the situation.  As this is Team PVP, improving on my part for the next round will not be very effective as it requires everyone to do as well.  If the performance of my other team mates is going to be as it is in first round (which is usually the case), the results wouldn't change.  Staying on wouldn't help much too if my mates get killed really fast.  Numbers are important in teams.

So... I'm beginning to wonder if this feature will deter people from joining random Team PVPs since there will be people who will not be able to take the humiliation.  As Team PVP is a group thing, there are bound to be times where one gets blamed for making a mistake or, cases such as a player being marked as a bad team player can arise since the anonymity is gone.