Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Time up

Versus a counter of my team.  ATP counters Catherine Torsche perfectly - anti-evasion and high damage.

Round 1: I lost legitly as this is my first time encountering this team.  Score: 1-0

Round 2: Yeah sure, she's dying but meh... Time's up and she wins by points.  Score: 2-0

Round 3:  I won.  Score: 2-1

Round 4:  Time's up anddd she won by POINTS AGAIN. seriously.... -_-  I would've sealed it if I were given more time.  Score: 3-1

Overall: I'm quite happy that I managed to "win" 3 rounds against a counter.  Plus I was playing ETS as my buffer/ healer and she's really difficult to play and this is only my second week of using her. I had to remove/ put back on the rosario for invulnerable, rebuffs, mass cure and control my other 2 character to fight at the same time.  Well, I WOULD'VE won those 2 rounds if given more time.