Saturday, February 23, 2013

More PVP opportunities please

This game needs to have 24/7 World Cross PVP matching; alternating each hour for teams and for singles.  Also, the World PVP shop should sell Devil's Dream, Narakas and Expert Chips.

... All I want to do when I come online is to PVP since there is really nothing else to do in this game other than PVPing during the designated WXPVP timeslot and finishing up the weekly faction raids (which can be done in a day or two).  There is nothing to play during non-WXPVP time and once the faction raids are done.  I know that I could probably just come online during the PVP time slot but sometimes you just want to play the game when you login at any other time of the day.  Plus the management is stingy.  No actually this game is stingy.

Come to think about it, this game isn't designed to cater to big communities.  With top loot raid bosses that only spawn once a week with a probability to drop loot only sufficient for one person ... yeah you get what I mean.