Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grandis live; WxPVP beta final

Finally, on the 22nd of June, I have recruited Grandis, my favourite character !! ^^

Throughout her quest storyline, this is my favourite screenshot and this is the part I relished the most :

Grandis has finally been accepted by Grandice, who previously could not accept her existence since "it" was a clone of herself.  Undoubtedly, Grandice was  terribly afflicted by the sudden distasteful vicissitude; an identical visage had been created from the cells of her own and bore the identity of her.

Although Grandis is a clone of Grandice, she shared the memories of her original.  However, after going through a bellyful of recollection, she developed an identity of self.  She said it was of no reason to live if she was not accepted by Grandice, the source of her life.  She wanted Grandice to judge her for who she is, and not by the mere fact that she's just a breathing copy.

It was really touching when I saw that Grandice had eventually learned to accept Grandis, though sharing the same body, but as a person with a different identity.  The acceptance was a difficult thing to do but she had finally managed to disregard the former conviction.  Then comes the part where Grandis says "Ah, thank you. Grandice.  Today is Grandis' birthday!".  It was totally pleasing to see this along with her jovial countenance.  22nd June is the day Grandis is created anew.

And just today, IAH announced that WxPVP will be reset tomorrow so this marks the end of the sGE WxPVP beta.

This is the last match for wxpvp beta which ended at 2242 :D  though it wasn't a really a memorable last match.

27 June 2012, the last day for sGE WxPVP beta.  Final rankings listed as shown below:



Here is my profile, took a screen shot for memory sake.