Thursday, January 5, 2017

I just want to note this down because this is sweet.

It's about a girl whom I hardly know (in-game of course).  I got to know her from joining her public mission raids but that's all the contact we have.

One day, she organised the instance mission and I requested to join as usual.  She would squad up all the interested parties.  However, she apologised for not being able to invite me by virtue of opposing faction people already present in the squad on that day.  Instead, I would just have to join the mission room without a squad.  I have no problems with that, since everyone gets auto-squadded after entering the mission anyway.  But for some unknown reason I just had to appear a little upset in response to the news she told me (I wasn't upset, I just appeared to be).  She probably sensed it, and what she did afterwards surprised me a little.

What she did was...  She left her original squad and made a new one just to home me into a squad!  Girl, that was rrreally not necessary but I'm grateful.  So rare to see people I hardly know go through such measures for small matters like this for me...